adidas Low Cut Predator Edge.1 FG – Showdown Pack

Part # GV7390 by adidas

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Showdown Pack Predator Edge.1 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

Elevate your game with a classic Predator while stepping up the tech and style with the adidas soccer cleats! This special collection was designed for the end of season club tournaments like the Champions League and the beginning of others like the UEFA Women's Euro for 2022. This boot combines a truly eye-catching design with great technology to provide full packaged show stopping soccer cleat. This ‘Showdown pack’ boot features some the same great quality and technology adidas always provides, but with a twist. The red and white color combination is beautifully designed, and many soccer fans are obsessed with the sharp look of the boot. Within the Low Cut version adidas included the Power Facet within the forefoot of this boot to redistribute your weight toward the front of the shoe, making your strikes even more powerful. This boot includes a facet frame for stability, as well as zone skin that was strategically placed so every time you come in contact with the ball you’re going to have a great touch. Looking for a different version of this boot? Checkout the Speedflow+! 

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