adidas Messi X Speedportal.1 FG – Balon Te Adoro

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Messi X Speedportal.1 Firm Ground Boot

Diego Maradona’s “successor” has brought us a new version of his favorite soccer boot this season with the Messi X Speedportal Balon Te Adoro! These are the first boots to pay tribute to Lionel Messi’s starting place, Newell’s Old Boys Soccer Club. Messi joined this club when he was just six years old, and hasn’t stopped playing the game since. The Balon Te Adoro collection meaning “Ball I Adore/Love You” is a reference back to the starting place, Messi has been a lifelong supporter of the team and these boots represent the love and passion for the sport he found at such a young age.

The Speedportal.1 Firm Ground Soccer Boot features a red, black, and white colorway with interesting written graphics to represent how Messi feels about the sport. On the boots you’ll see words like “Compañero” & “Siempre Juntos” meaning Companion and Always Together. This speed supporting boot features an anti-slip silicone heel print, along with a carbon fiber speedframe to help with acceleration, and power. The primeknit collar provides athletes with a supportive firm fit while still being comfortable. Obsessed with Messi and his boots? Shop adidas firm ground soccer boots at SoccerPro!


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