adidas Nemeziz+ FG – Superlative Pack

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adidas Nemeziz+ FG - Superlative Pack

The adidas Nemeziz+ FG - Superlative is all about agility and unpredictability. Adidas designed the Nemeziz+ with a new mirage texture on the upper, mimicking your elusive dribbling, always making the defender second guess themselves. The texture itself covers most of the 360 AGILITY BANDAGE upper to make sure that ball doesn't leave your foot as you take on the world. With the Nemeziz+'s snug and one-to-one upper, you'd certainly want the soleplate tooling to support those quick movements. That's where the TORSION SYSTEM split-soleplate comes in handy. The springy soleplate has 11 conical studs to allow ease pivoting, essential to quick cuts. It's flexible where and when it needs to be, but rigid when flexing back, making it a very responsive and explosive build. Be sure to scoop these up for the most important games, 'cuz this bad boy will not let you down.

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