adidas Nemeziz Glider Soccer Ball – White/Core Black

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adidas Nemeziz Glider Soccer Ball - White & Core Black

adidas Nemeziz Glider Soccer Ball - White & Core Black
You cant play soccer without one crucial item; the ball. Take out everything else, and in its simplest form, soccer is a game with a ball. If you're going to play today, you better get yourself set up right with the adidas Nemeziz Glider Soccer Ball! It feels great at your foot, looks great on the field, will look even better when you show up to play with it!

This ball has a crisp look, featuring the Nemeziz staple colors of black and white. Sporting a textured surface, this ball offers performance and design benefits that help you stay in control. The ball has a Butyl bladder to allow for some of the best air retention on the market. Finally, the machine stitched construction ensures not just a soft touch, but long term durability. Don't let your game fall flat! Order yours today!

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Textured surface for performance and design benefits

Butyl Bladder

Machine stitched: Nylon Winded Carcass/TPU

100% thermoplastic polyurethane leather imitation


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