adidas Nemeziz Soccer Ball – Legend Ink/Energy Aqua

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adidas Nemeziz Soccer Ball - Legend Ink & Energy Aqua

adidas Nemeziz Soccer Ball - Legend Ink & Energy Aqua
A strong opponent can bring the best out of you on the field. When you look up and see your nemesis, your game steps up a notch to take them down. Now you don't need a hated opponent to push you to next level, you can use the adidas Nemeziz Soccer Ball to take your game to the top.

This unique design is eye catching to say the least! With a design primarily based featuring legend ink and energy aqua, the highlights of solar yellow bring it all together. With a seamless TBSE construction and Butylene air bladder, this ball will hold up for all of your games. You'll also notice the textured surface as it helps you perform at a level you never have. Don't make the ball your enemy, get this ball today and step onto the field with confidence!

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TBSE Seamless Construction for better touch and lower water uptake

Textured surface for performance and design benefits

100% Butylene

100% Thermoplastic polyurethane


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