adidas Predator 18.3 FG – Team Mode

Part # DB2001 by adidas

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adidas Predator 18.3 FG - Black and Red

When you step on the pitch, you're one of two things. You're either a predator - hunting the opponent and looking for a chance to break through for a goal - or you're the prey, and soon your time will come. No one wants to be the prey, obviously. So what you need are shoes to help you take your game to the next level and keep you on top of the food chain. Shoes like the adidas Predator 18.3! Designed to allow players to master control on the pitch, this shoe is built to create! Predator soccer shoes are known far and wide for the patterned outsole that lets players get more grip on the ball in order to help send your shots right to the top corner! We're not even mentioning how great this colorway is! Red and black look great together, and will look great on your feet! Order yours today!

Structured Primemesh upper provides a comfortable, sock-like fit so you can move with instinct to control the ball at high speed; Experience ultimate lockdown with an anatomically designed upper that mimics your heel shape

Control embossing on the upper gives you improved ball handling

Snug sock-like material fits like a second skin

High-performance TPU-injected layers in the outsole designed to stabilise movement


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