adidas Predator Tango 19 TF – Exhibit Pack

Part # BB9082 by adidas

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adidas Predator Tango 19+ Turf Shoes - Bold Blue

You can't rely on just hopes and dreams, and your skills to win at soccer these days. You've got to get boots that are better than normal to give you that extra edge. The Exhibit pack adidas Predator Tango 19+ turf soccer boots are just that. Boots that make you brim with confidence and ability. You'll be turning opponents inside out with these boots.

If you know which strings will have your rivals dancing to your tune, you're ready to pull on Predator. Built for precision on artificial turf, these soccer shoes have a supportive knit textile upper with a snug-fitting collar that locks you in. This eliminates the need for laces and leaves more room for ball control. On the forefoot a grippy, textured coating adds confidence to every touch. A layer of responsive cushioning keeps you on your toes.

It feels great to be aficionados of adidas Predators. You're no doubt a fine observer of great boots and these ones fall in that category so buy them today!

Laceless construction

adidas Primeknit and Controlskin textile upper

Turf outsole

Anatomically designed heel


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