adidas Real Madrid Graphic Tee – Ray Purple Melange

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adidas Real Madrid Graphic Tee

adidas Real Madrid Graphic Tee
Purple is the color of royalty, it has the most powerful wavelength of any color in the rainbow. It is a rare, expensive color worn by noblemen and royalty for thousands of years. Coincidentally, it is also one of the colors of Real Madrid, the most powerful, most decorated, and richest soccer team in the world. Purple also happens to be the color of this adidas Real Madrid graphic tee, go figure.

Yep, this Real Madrid shirt comes in Ray Purple Melange and looks fantastic. It is a slim fit shirt design made of a 70% cotton, 30% polyester blend for excellent comfort and style. The shirt has the original, 1902, Real Madrid emblem on the upper left side of the shirt with the adidas logo on the right side. This shirt is lightweight, comfortable and looks amazing. It is a fantastic example of the style and class of Real Madrid. Order Yours today!

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