adidas Spain Home Jersey 2016-17 NS

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2016-17 adidas Spain Home Jersey

adidas Spain Home Jersey
adidas Spain Jersey
Spanish faithful, gather round the latest adidas Spain Home Jersey! This is a straight up classic Spain shirt. La Roja gets a solid red jersey with yellow-gold accents, including the switch to the adidas three stripes down the sides, as opposed to the shoulders. If you look closely, there is also a subtle design that adds texture and feeling for a wildly passionate fan base. 

Yep, you can expect Spanish football supporters to let you know about it. Red is the color of their fiery passion. And it makes sense. With the level of class Spain puts on the field -- you may be familiar with names like Fabregas, Iniesta, or De Gea -- you know exactly why Spain's fans are so thrilled all the time. One of the top national teams in the world with one of the top fan groups in the world. Tough to beat that. 

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