adidas Telstar 18 Official World Cup Match Ball – Knockout Rounds – Mechta

Part # CW4680 by adidas

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adidas Telstar 18 Mechta Official World Cup Knockout Rounds Match Ball

It's not enough to have a ball for the whole World Cup. The knockout rounds are a special occasion, and thus, they need a special ball! For any sides who go in with title expectations, not getting to play with this ball at their feet in the round of 16 will represent a colossal failure. For you, a colossal failure would be not ordering the Official World Cup Knockout Rounds Match Ball! When the game really heats up, and one single mistake can mean the difference between a World Cup title or a lifetime of disappointment, the players will have one of the best balls ever to play with! Thermally bonded with a seamless surface gives this ball a more predictable trajectory, better touch, and keeps the ball from getting waterlogged in wet conditions. Don't live with a lifetime of disappointment, and get your new Soccer Ball today!

Thermally bonded seamless surface for a more predictable trajectory, better touch and lower water uptake

Ball passed FIFA tests on circumference weight, rebound and water absorption

Latex bladder

Embedded chip compatible with NFC-enabled devices

Top game ball; Requires inflation

Officially licensed by FIFA


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