adidas Tiro 11 Training Jacket

Part # V14585 by adidas

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adidas Tiro 11 Training Jacket

Its getting to the point where practices are getting colder as winter sets in. There is only one way to stay comfortable and warm this year during your practices. The adidas Tiro 11 Training Jacket is here and ready to be your best friend during the winter months.

This all black jacket has a full zipper and two front zippered pockets in case you need to store some valuables on your way to and from practice. At the bottom of the jacket is a draw string that can be tightened or loosened depending on which makes you more comfortable. Like I said earlier, this jacket is very comfortable. It in no way will be a disruption or distraction while you are proving your stuff out their on the pitch.

Don't way too long, frostbite coooouuuld set in. Get your adidas Tiro 11 Jacket, and train the right way, the way with adidas!

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