adidas Uniforia League Soccer Ball – Euro 2020

Part # FH7339 by adidas

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Uniforia League

One thing we don't have that we wish we did is energy that never stops. We have to stop now and then and cool off. However if we could just get that never ending energy, we'd spend it all playing this adidas Uniforia League Soccer Ball. This ball makes us really want to get into the sport all day long. How can you get tired of this ball? It's amazing to play with, properly fun.

Twelve hosts, 24 national teams. A continent united. Made for training, this adidas Uniforia ball takes design cues from the one used at European soccer's showpiece summer event. Its seamless design and FIFA stamp mean you'll have no excuses when you send it over the fence during shooting practice.

This ball starts and ends with you, at the end of the day, no matter how great a Soccer Ball is, it's the players who make the game joyful. Enjoy this ball!

100% TPU cover

Seamless, thermally bonded construction

Seamless training ball

Butyl bladder for best air retention

Lower water uptake

FIFA Quality certified

Requires inflation


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