adidas Winter Womens World Cup Pro Official Match Soccer Ball – 2023

Part # HT9013 by adidas

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2023 adidas Winter Women's World Cup Pro Official Match Soccer Ball

Unleash your super star skills and precision with this redesigned adidas soccer ball for the 2023 Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand! This sweet new match soccer ball named "OCEAUNZ" pays tribute to the host nations with its unique design, with graphics that take on a look of the coastlines, oceans, and lakes of the host nation. Paired with the graphics on this ball is a Solar Orange base that is meant to help this ball stand out in the cold winter months so you can play in the coldest and snowiest of conditions and never lose sight of the ball. Metallic Iron and Silver details top off the ball making it totally unstoppable. Playing like a pro means you need the same soccer ball design that even the biggest stars of the game are playing with. This soccer ball features a 20-piece panel design that is thermally bonded and seamless to enhance the ball's aerodynamics and accuracy with every single use. A Speedshell PU skin on the exterior of the ball is finished with micro and macro textures that enhance your grip on the ball for a more natural and game changing feeling. The CRT-core improves the accuracy of the ball as well as maintains its shape and retains air throughout even the toughest moments of the match. This soccer ball meats FIFA quality Pro Standards which means only the best of the best are playing with this sweet soccer ball!

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