adidas Womens Germany Home Jersey 2015-2016 NS

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2016 adidas Women's Germany Home Jersey

If I asked you to name your favorite German soccer player, you may have a hard time. At SoccerPro HQ, we had about a dozen names tossed out: Reus! Ozil! Muller! Neuer! Podolski! It went on like that for awhile. The point is, that country grows world class ballers on an almost daily basis. Germany are the current World Cup champs and it will take a serious effort to bump them off the top of the heap.
When it comes to Germany jerseys, we've got you covered. Here, we present the adidas Women's Germany Home Jersey. This is the shirt design all those studs I just mentioned up there will be wearing at the 2016 Euros. Germany fan or not, why wouldn't you want to wear this classically-inclined white jersey? It has the look of a 70s-era adidas shirt, which just so happened to be one of the heydays of German soccer.
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