adidas Womens Predator Absolado LZ TRX FG White/Blast Pink

Part # G95097 by adidas

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Women's adidas Predator Absolado LZ Soccer Shoes - White

Sergio is still in love with adidas Predators! He still takes a pair of every shoe that comes in here to his corner of the Batcave and gives it a thorough going over, assessing every inch of it and nodding his head furiously with mad approval! And when the women?s versions came in? Oh boy, you need a Youtube clip to see the intensity, words don?t do it justice

When this adidas Predator Absolado TRX FG W first came in, Sergio sneezed a vapor of white, pride blue, and blast pink rainbows which ironically is the color of the shoe! He said that the minute it came out of the box, he inhaled it?s beauty and quality and had to sneeze from the enormity of how awesome it was! Yeah, weirdness...but he knows his stuff this Sergio, he knows his stuff!

UPPER: Synthetic leather upper for lightweight, comfort, and perfect fit. 3D print on five lethal zones to control the ball with every touch.

MIDSOLE: Nubuck touch heel lining for super soft comfort. Die-cut EVA insole offer even more lightweight and comfort.

OUTSOLE: TRAXION? 2.0 FG stud configuration for maximum grip and acceleration on natural firm ground surfaces!

Sergio knows his Womens Soccer Cleats and you need to get into this particular pair right now! It?s not every shoe he gives his sneeze of approval to!

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