adidas Womens Techfit 3/4 Tights Black/Blast Pink

Part # G86392 by adidas

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adidas Women's Techfit 3/4 Tight-Fit Soccer Pants

  Have you ever seen a fellow lady working out, and think "I wonder where she got those pants?!" The answer is... right here at The adidas Women's Techfit 3/4 Tights are a great for training, working out, or just lounging around. Not only do the 3/4 pants keep you dry and comfortable, but they also help you train. Don't believe us? The tight fit of the 3/4 Tights provides slight compression to your legs. That compression will help support your body whether you're running or strength training, while also reducing muscle vibrations. Bonus: Your posture will be stellar! These soccer pants are a win-win. They're comfortable and they serve a purpose! Find your size in the adidas Women's Techfit 3/4 Tights from today!

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