adidas World Cup Al Hilm Pro Official Match Soccer Ball – Metallic Gold

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Al Hilm adidas World Cup Pro Official Match Soccer Ball

Built for dreamers. The official match ball for the World Cup final is officially here and it’s more regal and refined than ever.  This high tech and beautiful match ball is designed to bring out the dream in you. Al Hilm, for dreamers in Arabic, serves as the inspiration for this tournament’s official final ball.  Just like you, the players making it to the finals of the tournament dreamed of this moment since they started playing the beautiful game. Inspired by the dreamer feeling,, you’ll be able to channel your inner dreamer all season long. This ball’s regal base features a metallic gold finish that makes sure the world knows that this ball will be used by the biggest and most influential players of the game in the biggest moment in football in four years. Subtle red details sit throughout the entire ball adding that extra look of power to the ball that will send you and your team into the football history books this season.

Wondering what makes this adidas soccer ball so special? Designed with all the latest and best soccer ball technology, you’ll be ready to take on and dominate the pitch this season. Speedshell Panels have been designed to increase the speed of flight and rotation  of the ball giving you unmatched aerodynamics as well as a perfect shot. This ball has been FIFA Quality Pro-Certified, which is the highest quality and performing ball in the game. This ball is also thermally bonded leaving out any  seams which makes the ball’s flight path more smooth and aerodynamic. The interior of this ball is designed with a rubber bladder  that ensures the ball retains air and stays blown up throughout the match.

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