adidas X 15.1 VS Boost Soccer Shoes – Black/Yellow

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adidas X 15.1 VS Boost Indoor Shoes

adidas X 15.1 adidas X 15.1 VS Boost Indoor
Are you ready to Boost your game? Sometimes a fresh pair of kicks is all it takes to give you the confidence you need. The adidas X 15 VS Boost shoes should do the trick just fine. Adidas has injected their best indoor soccer shoe technology into this gorgeous piece. First of all, if you haven't tried adidas' Boost shoes before, why in the world not? It's only the softest, most responsive midsole on the market.
Secondly, the adidas X 15 has been turning heads since it debuted a few months ago. The Techfit collar slips on your foot like a glove and keeps you firmly in place without getting in your way. Lastly, the color combo on these shoes is fantastic. A black base with white Boost midsole keeps things chill before a bright and poppy yellow intercede to add the perfect amount of spark. Also, check out the laces for a stylish mix of black and yellow. It's almost like these are too good to be true! (We checked: they're not.)

BOOST: Foam designed to absorb impact and give power on court surfaces


Upper: Techfit collar is engineered for natual, flexible ankle support and a seamless, sock-like compression fit. Soft, close-fitting engineered skin (called X-SKIN) with reinforced X-CAGE for game-changing stability

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