adidas X 18+ FG – Archetic Pack

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adidas X 18+ - Archetic Pack

The adidas X soccer shoes have become the de facto speed shoe in the world of soccer. The proper kings of the fast soccer cleat. You cannot get enough of these shoes once you get your feet in them. This colorway from the Archetic Pack is especially a fave of ours. The colors have a way of making the shoes look even faster when you run in them. Trust us, opponents are going to be dazed and confused with these shoes.

If you can supercharge your game while your rivals are running on empty, you're cleared to fly in X. The thin mesh upper on these ultralight adidas X18+ FG soccer cleats delivers a minimal feel and a natural touch, while the outsole is perforated to shed weight. A low-cut collar and molded heel combine to lock you in for the ride, eliminating the need for laces. These are some shoes that are made to move. Engineered for flat-out speed and a super-responsive touch, the upper is covered in Skeletalweave, an ultra-thin, lightweight grid of woven yarns. Ultralight Speedframe outsole perforated for pure acceleration on firm ground surfaces. A clean striking area comes from the laceless construction locks down midfoot for stability during explosive sprints and promotes pure ball contact. There is tremendous lockdown fit from the Low-cut Clawcollar locks your foot in.

These shoes are huge in the speed game. Buy them from SoccerPro right now!


Upper with ultra-thin lightweight grid of yarns and low-cut Clawcollar

Ultralight Speedframe outsole

Arrowhead forefoot studs combined with round heel studs

3D-molded heel


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