adidas X 18+ FG – Black/White/Dark Grey Heather

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adidas X 18+ FG - Black

If you've ever worn an adidas X soccer shoe, you probably like going fast. Could you be addicted to speed? Maybe! But if so, we've got good news! Fast just got faster! The latest edition of the X is not only faster than ever before, its a fully overhauled design built to take your game to the next level! Players like Mo Salah, Gareth Bale, Gabriel Jesus, and many more are already letting this shoe bring out their best, so why can't you? Slip on the new adidas X18+ FG in Black, White, and Dark Grey Heather!

What sets this adidas X soccer shoe apart from the ones that came before it? It starts with the new upper made from Speedmesh to offer a minimalist feel and keep you moving fast! It will be like there's nothing between your foot and the ball as you tear down the wing to set up goals using the Speedframe outsole! Let's not forget about this slick colorway. Black never goes out of style! leave your opponents in the dust, don't get left behind yourself! Order yours today!

Speedmesh upper engineered to offer minimalistic feel

Speed closure system that combines lightweight thin speed laces weaved together through a cable-wire construction

Claw collar with new stretch materials to provide stability, support and lock down fit

Molded Heel counter provides a snug and stable fit that locks your foot firmly in place during explosive acceleration

Speedframe outsole features state of the art lightweight drillium tooling and minimalistic construction offers traction for rapid acceleration

Arrowhead design forefoot studs for optimum traction and acceleration combined with round heel studs for lightning quick input and release


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