adidas X 18+ FG – Off White/Core Black

Part # DB2217 by adidas

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X 18+ FG - Spectral Mode Pack

It's off white, it's spectral, and it's outrageously fantastic. We've got a bunch more adjectives that we could use to describe this amazing colorway of adidas X shoe but we'd rather you flipped through the pictures and see for yourself. And mind you, these are just pics, the shoe is even more amazing and fantastic once you get it in your hands. Hands down, this is Sergio's favorite colorway of X and one of his fave shoes of the year and it's not hard to see why. Ally the wonder of the X shoe with this colorway and that is a recipe for greatness!

What is it about the X silo that makes fast even faster? Well, adidas has loaded this shoe with their lightest and most revolutionary technology in order to be certain there's nothing out there to keep you moving quicker than anyone else out there! Whether its the Skeletalweave and ultra-thin construction, the one piece laceless upper, the Low-cut claw collar, or the arrowhead-shaped studs, there's everything you need to make blistering speed a part of your game!

Get this shoe right now and see what we mean when we call it FANTASTIC!

Engineered for flat-out speed and a super-responsive touch, the upper is covered in Skeletalweave, an ultra-thin, lightweight grid of woven yarns; Laceless construction locks down midfoot for stability during explosive sprints and promotes pure ball contact

Low-cut Clawcollar locks your foot into the shoe for gamechanging stability

Standout 3D molded heel offers a secure fit and cushioned zones for optimum ankle movement

Ultralight Speedframe outsole perforated for pure acceleration

Arrowhead forefoot studs combined with round heel studs enable quick starts and stops on firm ground


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