adidas X 18+ FG – Youth -Team Mode

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Youth adidas X 18+ FG - Solar Yellow

Audacious color? Check.  Laceless construction? You bet.   The adidas X 18+ FG for Kids is packed with all of the technology the pros wear but in size that will fit your future phenom!  The X line from adidas was first introduced in 2015 with game changers mind.  Create chaos with blazing speed, and unrivaled traction for those quick turns and cuts.  The laceless design will hug your foot and give you that "lock down" feeling that you would only expect from a shoes that still has those pesky laces.  The minimalist skeletalweave upper offers a fitted feel that won't stretch over time while also reducing the overall weight of the shoes.  Get ready for your season today.  grab a pair today and while you're at it, you might want to grab a fresh pair of socks.  I think the last pair is still bunched up in the bottom of your bag.  

Drillium tooling philosophy for weight reduction by removing material without impacting performance

Seamless claw collar

adidas Speedmesh



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