adidas X 19+ FG – Hard Wired

Part # F35323 by adidas

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X 19+ FG

The adidas X soccer shoes have been fascinating since they came out. Finally a true successor to the famed F50 line made its presence felt and these shoes have not looked back since then. Different colorways and models are here and this one is spectacular. The Hard Wired pack contains some of the most amazing looking soccer shoes ever made if we dare say so and this X is the most explosive of the lot. X-plosive is what it is. Ha!

X isn't just a cleat. It's a recognition that speed should pry open defenses, not dart down blind alleys. If you can't lead the charge with your lightning pace, jog on. But if you're ready to push past your limits, keep reading. These laceless soccer cleats have a super-thin, semi-translucent upper for a minimal feel, responsive touch and lightning pace. A low-cut collar and molded heel combine to keep you stable during explosive moves.

It helps to get off to a quicker start than rival players, the adidas X 19+ FG soccer cleats are the quickest of the quick shoes in soccer, get a pair right now.

Laceless construction

Ultralight X-layskin upper; Low-cut Clawcollar

Ultralight Speedframe outsole

3D molded heel


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