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adidas X Ghosted+ Soccer Cleats in White & Metallic Gold

adidas has been making lightweight speed boots since 2010, but nothing compares to their newest creation. Inspired by nature and developed in adidas' top secret labs, these cleats are guaranteed to be noticed before you ghost your opposition. The sleek design of the adidas X Ghosted+ FG is inspired by the peregrine falcon. When in its characteristic hunting stoop the peregrine falcon can hit speeds over 200 mph. No animal on earth can match the sheer speed with which the falcon hunts. The iconic 3-stripes are used to mimic the wings of the peregrine falcon as hurtles toward earth as it hunts its prey. The awesome design is equaled by the incredible technology that doesn't just make you fast. It makes you faster! The fusion of 3 translucent layers creates an upper that is incredibly thin, and ultra-lightweight while still providing support and stability. A waterproof top layer of Mirageskin increases touch. The wire frame provides support without adding weight, while the mesh lining adapts to the shape of your foot. The laceless design of the adidas X Ghosted+ Soccer Cleats, now a pillar of adidas' high end cleats provides a secure vacuum fit that prevents your feet from sliding. Built on a sprinters last, a carbon fiber insert into the forefoot of the Sprintframe propels you forward with every push off. 2020 just might be the year of adidas. After the incredibly popular launch of the Predator Mutator the adidas X Ghosted+ is sure to be a massive success. Order a pair at SoccerPro before they sell out!    

See these? Your rivals won’t. Fast used to be fast enough. But you’re about to leave all that behind. Gear up and ghost everyone in these laceless adidas X Ghosted+ football boots. The raised forefoot means you’re always ready to roll. On the outsole, a springy carbon-fibre insert propels you forward with every push-off. Low-profile and lightweight, the thin composite upper adds secure lockdown while keeping your ankles free.
•Regular fit
•Laceless vacuum fit
•Ultralight Mirageskin upper
•Low-cut collar for ease of movement
•Firm ground football boots
•Sprint spike silhouette


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