adidas X Ghosted+ FG – Superspectral Pack

Part # FW6910 by adidas

$247.49 msrp $274.99

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Superspectral Pack X Ghosted+ Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

adidas soccer just dropped the most brilliant pack yet for 2021! Haunt the opposition's nightmares with burning pace and agility in the Superspectral Pack X Ghosted+. Because what scares them the most isn't what they see, it's what they can't see. Pull on X Ghosted and discover next-level speed that you can see... through. These cleats are so lightweight that the upper is actually translucent! The raised forefoot on these laceless adidas soccer cleats keeps you on your toes, and a springy Carbitex carbon-fiber insert on the outsole injects explosive propulsion. Low-profile with a Clawcollar and super thin, the composite Mirageskin upper locks you in while leaving your ankles free. All of this tech together creates the perfect cleat for speed when you are considering adidas soccer cleats.

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