adidas X Tango 18.1 TR – Off White/Black

Part # DB2281 by adidas

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adidas X Tango 18.1 TR - Off White

There's an elegance and peacefulness than comes with this Spectral Mode pack adidas X 18.1 Tango Trainers. It's hard to explain but once you hold the shoes in your hand and survey it's beauty; and once you get your feet in them and check yourself out in the mirror, you'll understand fully what we mean. That satisfaction that comes from knowing you have made a good decision with these kicks is something that will give you satisfaction. Trainers are meant to show your style and these ones do a great job of doing that while showing that you're well into your soccer and have great taste!

The adidas X is a silo of shoes built for speed and this version is all that plus being fashioned for the street. These soccer shoes share the lightweight comfort and distinctive silhouette of their on-field counterparts. The thin mesh upper is fully breathable, and a layer of responsive cushioning charges every stride to keep you one step ahead. Get these kicks from SoccerPro right now.

Uncoated fine-mesh upper

Signature Clawcollar shape

Rubber outsole

Responsive Boost midsole


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