adidas X Tango 18+ IN – Shadow Mode

Part # DB2266 by adidas

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adidas X Tango 18+ IN - Black

Props to you if you've managed to find a way to wear your adidas X firm ground soccer shoes on the hard courts of the indoor game. I have no idea how you've managed to stay on your feet, to be quite honest. Maybe you ought to purchase some shoes that are really cut out for the indoor game. Don't try to fit a square peg into a round hole! With the adidas X Tango 18+ Indoor, you'll be able to unleash all the speed of adidas premier speed shoe on your unsuspecting opponents in the indoor game!

You already know the adidas X is built for speed, but did you know the indoor version comes complete with adidas Boost technology? Boost is not only some of the most comfortable cushioning out there but its also got t ability to give back the energy you put into it, propelling you further and faster than ever before! In a style of soccer where speed is of paramount importance, you'll need every bit of energy these shoes can give! Order these today, and leave your opponents in the dust!  

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