adidas ZZ Predator Accelerator FG – Icon 25Y Pack

Part # F37076 by adidas

adidas Predator Accelerator Zinedine Zidane FG Soccer Cleats

Any connection you think you have to playing soccer is not complete if you don't have a feeling for adidas Predator Soccer Shoes. Any connection you have for the game is totally moot if you don't recognize the greatness of Zinedine Zidane, hate or love him. We want a healthy conversation about greatness but you simply cannot move past the fact that Zidane and Predator took the soccer shoe game and the sport as a whole to a new level never before seen before. Zidane and the Predator are soccer and soccer boot loyalty.

Designed in collaboration with Zinédine Zidane to mark 25 years of total control. These limited-edition cleats salute the adidas Predator Accelerator that carried France's midfield genius to the very top. Made from comfortable K-leather, the upper has an identical construction to the iconic originals.

Lace closure

Premium K-leather upper

Synthetic lining; Firm ground outsole; Hybrid stud tips

Responsive Boost midsole; Rubber pads on forefoot; Arched midfoot


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