Kids adidas X Ghosted+ FG – Superspectral Pack

Part # FW6967 by adidas

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Fly around the field with speed an pop in the new X Ghosted+ FC - Superspectral Pack. Float around the pitch like a ghost with these lightweight cleats that feature a low-cut Clawcollar and a laceless Mirageskin upper that leave your ankles free while locking the rest of your foot in place with a vacuum-like fit. The pink design adds a pop of color to the low cut cleats so you can look great while you fly past opponents!

The only thing that makes defenders sweat more than seeing you on the pitch? Not seeing you at all. Pull on X Ghosted and discover next-level speed. Low-profile with a Clawcollar and laceless, the composite Mirageskin upper on these juniors’ adidas football boots locks you in while leaving your ankles free. A lightweight TPU outsole ensures nothing slows you down.
•Laceless vacuum fit
•Mirageskin upper
•Low-cut collar


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