Kids Nike Neymar Mercurial Vapor 12 Club FG – Silencio

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Youth Neymar Entry Level Soccer Cleats by Nike - Shhh

When you assess why many kids drop out of a sport, you find out that there's something particular that triggers that hatred for the sport. It could be that a teammate mocks them for bad gear, it could be that they are uncomfortable, it could just be that the parent forced them to do it. For the most part, it tends to be uncomfortable gear though. Or gear they cannot relate to. There's a lack of excitement that just saps the love away.
That's why these Kids Nike Neymar Mercurial Vapor 12 Club cleats are impressive. They're the style worn by one of the best players in the world, a player kids truly love. They're very comfortable so the wearer wants to run in them all day. Plus they're stylish and current so there's no chance of getting mocked wearing these.

With a firm-ground Soleplate, it's made for real grass! Nike Mercurial is known for speed, and this shoe delivers! With a streamlined fit and super outrageous design, it's everything you need and nothing you don't. Be the parent who encourages the love of soccer, buy these boots today!

Minimal design wraps your foot for a streamlined fit.

Synthetic upper provides precise touch at high speeds.

Firm ground plate designed for traction on natural grass pitches.

Textile heel lining grips foot and helps hold boot in place.

High outsole wrap on the toe resists wear.


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