Kids Nike Protegga Shin Guards – Blue Hero/White/Blue Hero

Part # SP2167 430 by Nike

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Nike Protegga Kids' Soccer Shin Guards

Don't call it a comeback, call it the takeover. When it comes to Nike soccer shinguards, the Protegga is challenging the Mercurial for best guard out there. The thrill of watching these guards get appreciated so much is such a sick feeling. The cloud of greatness is surely hovering over these guards and your kids will love them!

The Nike Protegga Shin Guards have a contoured shape for a comfortable fit and soft foam cushioning to absorb impact. We've seen it all now (at least we think we have). These guards are the greatest. Buy them right now from SoccerPro.

Shell is contoured for a comfortable fit on your legs.
Molded foam provides impact absorption.
Materials: 52% K resin/35% EVA/8% polyester/5% nylon


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