Kids Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Club IC – Black Lux

Part # AH7260 077 by Nike

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Black and Gold Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Club Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids

There's a new wave of soccer boots that are redefining what it means to play the beautiful game. These boots do not compromise on any single quality. They're made to ensure that young kids getting into the sport now have no excuses on the path to enjoyment. This Kids Nike Tiempo Legend VII Club Indoor Soccer Shoes is a perfect example of what we mean.

A boot that combines the cushioned touch of textured synthetic leather with an accommodating fit and rubber outsole for grip on court and indoor surfaces. It’s fit, touch and traction all wrapped up into one awesome, value-filled piece of goodness.

As with all Nike Tiempo boots, comfort is the main highlight of these shoes and if you're a true purveyor of the sport of soccer, you know that comfort is key to performance so buy these boots today and get your little one on that greatness path, shop right now!

Accommodating shape provides a comfortable, versatile fit.

Soft synthetic leather with foam backing provides cushioned touch.

Rubber outsole provides traction on court and indoor surfaces.

Molded texture creates friction for ball control.

Tongue is anchored on the medial side for a consistent fit all match long.

Molded sockliner enhances comfort.


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