KwikGoal Numbered Tryout Vests – Set of 18

Part # 19A9 by Kwik Goal

$159.99 msrp $179.99


Tryout Vests, Soccer Pennies, Soccer Bibs

  Tired of getting breaking up debates about who's on whose team? By the end of it, it sounds like the "Who's on First" skit from Abbott and Costello. There's an easy fix to that! The KwikGoal Tryout Vests are a perfect way to improve soccer practice strategies and scrimmages, as well as keeping track of players during tryouts.. Made of 100% Nylon micro mesh, these vests are numbered 1-18, as real jerseys are numbered. Simply give them out to your players, and let the games begin! The Carrying bag is included. Shop our wide selection of soccer training equipment to find everything you need in order to run smooth practices and games.

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