New Balance Furon 3.0 Pro FG – Black/White

Part # MSFPFB33 by New Balance

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New Balance Furon 3.0 Pro FG - Black & White

The new kid on the block has delivered another game changer! New Balance may not have a long history in soccer, but they are really making an impression! With the New Balance Furon 3.0 Pro FG, you have another great shoe sure to make waves within the industry. They're done a great job of taking the finesse and excellence they've developed in the shoe world and applying it to soccer! Now you get to reap the benefits! Is it time to try something new? Try these on, and you'll be thinking it is!
The Furon is a unique shoe, built to capitalize on not only your blistering speed, but to give you a great surface area to strike the ball. Its a perfect Strikers Cleat! The Fantomfit fused support system allows you to strike the ball with confidence and touch, and utilizes an engineered lightweight TPU polyester mesh material to give the shoe a low weight. With the Revlite directional traction insert, you can move quickly in any direction with speed and confidence! There may not be a long line of history with New Balance, but they're creating it now! Get on board and get yourself an elite pair of boots!
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Revlite Directional Traction Insert

TPU Outsole with Inlayed Nylon Chassis

Fantomfit Fused Support System

Engineered Lightweight TPU Polyester Mesh


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