New Balance Visaro Control TF – Lava/Impulse

Part # MSVRCTLF by New Balance

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New Balance Visaro Turf Shoe

New Balance Visaro TF Control Soccer Shoes

New Balance Visaro Control TF Soccer Shoe

Without a doubt, New Balance is definitely a soccer company now! Nobody makes Turf Soccer Shoes this good without knowing what they’re doing and without being a true soccer giant! Everything about this shoe screams class and elegance, comfort and durability, and just good ol’ ready-for-action-ability.

The Lava colorway of the New Balance Visaro TF shoe has all the hallmarks of a great and classic colorway. It is eye popping, it’s memorable, it’s flashy, it’s cool, it elicits envy, it’s pretty good folks! The Visaro Control more than meets all the prerequisites you could have to excel on turf. This shoe has top technical specifications as listed below and it looks great as well. Stun your teammates and opponents with amazingness, get into these shoes today!

Tech Spec

For use on turf surfaces

Rubber molded outsole

Synthetic PU upper

Textured detail upper


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