Nike Barcelona Skills Ball – Green Glow/Energy

Part # SC2955 387 by Nike

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Nike FC Barcelona Skills Ball

Nike Barcelona Skills Ball
Nothing can stop this train. Barcelona is everything that you would expect from the best team in the world. They are not phased by anything. Whether it is the fame, the competition, or the expectations. They shrug them all off as if they are from another world. This Nike FC Barcelona Skills Ball can be your constant reminder of the dreams you may have to one day play for this legendary club. This ball will definitely help you on your journey to catching your dream!

This ball will help you in ways you could never imagine. It may be small but it is not small in the many ways it can improve your skills. The green glow and energy colors will bring this ball to life! So go ahead and order yours today!

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DESIGN: 32-panel

60% rubber, 15% polyurethane, 13% polyester, 12% EVA

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