Nike Duro X Soccer Ball – Pure Platinum/Bright Crimson

Part # SC3161 043 by Nike

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Nike Duro X Soccer Ball

We love to play soccer everywhere and anywhere, any time of day or night. This means we have to keep a serious stash of equipment. It's true that we are outside a lot and have the regular outdoor gear but once in a while we have to be indoors to type up some stuff for you guys (*like this dashing piece about this ball). For times indoors, we have balls like this Nike Duro X Ball. A ball that makes playing the game indoors as seamless as anything you've ever experienced inside. This ball has a tuned, low-bounce bladder that provides enhanced control on hard surfaces, it offers true and accurate ball flight when you need it most. It offers better touch and tracking than ever before! Be sure to peep the other Nike Soccer Balls at!

Low-bounce bladder

Textured casing

Materials: 40% rubber, 36% polyester, 16% polyurethane, 8% cotton

Hand-stitched construction offers true and accurate ball flight

Textured casing enhances ball touch and feel


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