Nike Flyknit Ultra FG – Black/Gamma Blue

Part # AH5516 004 by Nike

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Nike Flyknit Ultra FG - Black & Gamma Blue

Soccer cleat technology moves one of two ways. it either makes the shoe lighter or it gives the wearer better touch. The Nike Flyknit Ultra FG does both! More than any of its predessesors, this show not only lets the wearer fly past opponents, but puts one of the thinnest and most responsive material in the Nike arsenal - Nike Flyknit - and surrounds the entire foot in it. For the first time ever, you'll get to reap the awesome rewards of wearing a cleat made entirely of Flyknit!

Nike's top athletes have long coveted their cleats made in the historic Montebelluna factory in Italy. Specializing in the custom cleats for all of its stars, only the best shoes are made there. Lucky for you, that's where these limited edition beauties came from! Nike has utilized Flyknit in many of its products, but this is the first shoe to be made completely of the revolutionary material. You'll get incredible, responsive touch, as well as stay light on your feet in a shoe that weighs next to nothing! Unless you're on your way to becoming one of the worlds best players, you'll never get a chance to wear a cleat of this quality, so you better order fast!

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One-piece Flyknit upper 

Textured speed ribs

3D Speed Plate

Embossed speed ribs 

Nike Grip system to keep foot from slipping inside the boot.


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