Nike Flyknit Ultra FG – Black/University Red

Part # AH5516 006 by Nike

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Nike Flyknit Ultra FG - Black & University Red

Just when you think they're done innovating, Nike takes another leap forward. Flyknit has been a material that Nike has put into just about everything, and now they've made an entire shoe out of the stuff! The Nike Flyknit Ultra FG is like space age technology when it comes to soccer shoes! Whether you'rs a playmaker trying to get a better touch on the ball, or a speedy winger looking for a better shoe to help you blister past opponents, this is the right choice! Its made from the best materials, in Nike's best factory, and once you put it on , the best player will be wearing it!
I did call this shoe space age technology, so I've set the bar high. But the Flyknit Ultra lives up to it! Its made in the Montebelluna factory in Italy, where all of the Nike stars get their custom made cleats. They're made with the finest materials, and available only to Nike's best players. Now they're available to you too! The Flyknit material makes it feel like there's almost nothing between your foot and the ball! Textured speed ribs provide awareness and control like nothing you've ever worn. if you're truly looking for the best Nike has to offer, then look no further! Order before its gone!
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One-piece Flyknit upper



Textured speed ribs


3D Speed Plate


Embossed speed ribs provide ball awareness and control


Nike Grip system to keep foot from slipping inside the boot.


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