Nike Phantom GX ‘Link’ Elite FG – Black & Volt with White with Blue Glow

Part # DV6971 071 by Nike

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Fusion Nike Phantom GX Elite Firm Ground Cleats

Are you obsessed with becoming the best player to hit the pitch this season? These Nike Phantom GX soccer cleats are the perfect place to start your quest to dominate every pitch you step foot on. Flyknit has been a revolutionary piece of Nike's boot designs for years and these boots take the iconic design to the next level. The rainbow-colored multiflyknit design found in the heel pays tribute to  the revolutionary technology while adding a look that is as iconic as the tech itself. The plate features a lack-to-white fade that is paired with Volt colored stud tips on the bottom so your boots will make sure everyone keeps their eyes on you when you hit the pitch. The most legendary boots from Nike yet are getting  a design that cement their status in the history books all season long. Nike soccer shoes are at the top of their game and these Phantom GX boots are definitely the future of football boot design as we know it. Throughout the boots new and revolutionary technology has been engineered to make sure playing with confidence is as easy as stepping in and lacing up the boots. Starting off with the upper of the boots, a super sticky and grippy Gripknit material offers you better touch on the ball and takes up nearly all of the upper, extending past the first two laces for an expanded strike zone. This grippy material easily molds to the shape of your foot and ensures you can wear the boots in any weather conditions with its grippy finish. The collar is now asymmetrical and pairs with soft elements in the heel for a quicker and more comfortable break-in process, helping reduce irritation and pressure on your heel. Tri-star studs are complete with forefoot flex grooves to mimic typical traction patterns unlocking change of direction unlike ever before.

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