Nike Guard Stay – Navy

Part # SE0047 401 by Nike

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Nike Soccer Shin Guard Stay - Navy

The navy Nike Guard Stay is such a simple part of the soccer gear you put on but it says so much about you. It says you're ready to fly your club colors on everything, it says you stay on top of the most minute details, it shows you want no distractions to your game, it shows you're the consummate player! These guard stay go hand-in-hand with all of our Soccer Shinguards at! They're an important part of your ensemble. They come with one pair - one strap for each leg so you can keep both shinguards up. As well, these are ideal for preventing slippage because of the elastic around each piece of material. To get the most benefit out of these you should wear them below or at the base of your shinguards. The loop-and-hook fastening strap comes in many colors so you can find the one that matches your team! Get yours from today!

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