Nike Hard Shell Slip-in Shin Guards – White/Black

Part # SP2101 100 by Nike

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Nike Hard Shell Slip-in Shin Guards - White & Black

Nike Hard Shell Slip-in Shin Guards - White & Black
Not the most glamorous piece of soccer gear for sure, Shin guards are still a necessity. As the game has evolved, so has this piece of equipment, getting lighter and more durable to deal with the increasing challenges from opposing players. The Nike Hard Shell Slip-in Shin Guards - White & Black will provide all the protection you need, without slowing you down.

The first thing you notice when you slip these into your sock is how they're contoured to each leg. The low profile construction will shield your legs from abrasion and keep them safe. These guards are made of a durable hard outer shell which is placed on a dense foam to absorb impact. They may not be on the top of your list as far as soccer equipment goes, but this pair needs to be! Order yours today!

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Low-profile construction helps shield from abrasion.

Contoured left/right design for an anatomical fit.

Durable hardshell is bonded to dense foam for impact absorption.


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