Nike Magia Hi-vis Soccer Ball – Yellow/Crimson

Part # SC3154 707 by Nike

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Nike Magia Match Soccer Ball - Hi- Vis Yellow

Soccer, it's the easiest sport in the world. All you need is something that rolls semi evenly on pretty much any surface, and you're good to go! If you are fortunate enough to get something that rolls superbly, grab that chance. The chance is here to grab the Nike Magia Hi Vis Ball. This ball is something to behold. It offers OPTIMAL TOUCH and ENHANCED GRIP. It's a ball designed for the modern player, the Nike Magia Football features a 12-panel design with a fuse-welded construction for ideal response. Its textured casing provides enhanced grip for optimal touch on the pitch. This is one of the best Nike Soccer Match Balls of all time and it's available at! Get it now.

12-panel fuse welded construction for optimal touch.
Nike RaDaR employs visual science to assist with on-field tracking.
Nike Aerowtrac groove help deliver true flight.
Textured casing provides a strong grip for excellent touch and feel.
6-wing, carbon-latex air chamber provides explosive acceleration off of the foot and superior air retention.
Wrapped bladder creates a round surface for better touch and flight.


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