Nike Magia Match Soccer Ball – Premier League – White/Crimson

Part # SC3160 100 by Nike

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Nike Magia Match Soccer Ball - Premier League - White & Crimson

Nike Magia Match Soccer Ball
Have you ever tried to play soccer without a ball? I would assume most have not, and if you have, then your imagination is much more powerful than mine. Its impossible to play the beautiful game without a ball. Its the one piece of equipment you cannot do without. But you don't want just anything round at your feet, you want the outstanding quality the Nike Magia Match Soccer Ball provides!

Nike soccer balls are used at every level throughout the world, including the English Premier League. With a reputation for quality, be put at ease knowing this is one great soccer ball! It'll be easy to track this ball across the pitch and in flight, as its covered in high contrast graphics that stand out. The TPU casing not only provides a durable surface, it provides for great control on the pitch. A traditional design, we know you'll love playing with this one! Order yours today!

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Traditional 32-panel design for accurate ball flight.

Machine-stitched TPU casing for consistent play.

High-contrast graphics for better visual tracking.






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