Nike Magista Orden II FG – Black/Red

Part # 843812 061 by Nike

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Nike Magista Orden II FG - Black & White

Creativity is a skill that's always in short supply. When the defense is packed in with 10 men behind the ball, its takes a true genius to unlock the play and get their team a goal! To take apart the defense, you'll need some of the best gear to help you pick that lock. Look no further than the Nike Magista Orden II FG! Control the game, let your creativity shine, and try these on for size!

Great players like Gotze, David Luiz, and most importantly Iniesta all wear this shoe silo to help them create on the pitch. The 3d texture really pops on this shoe and amplifies all the high use areas of the foot. When you need to make quick turns and agile plays, the rotational zone in the forefoot will help you change direction on a dime! The dynamic fit collar links the lower leg and foot without impeding your motion or flexibility. Take apart the defense, and unlock the best aspects of your game! Order your pair today!

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Shaped Dynamic Fit collar links the lower leg and foot without impeding motion.

3-D texture is amplified on the high-use areas of the foot.

Rotational zone in the forefoot is ideal for quick turns and agile playmaking.

Interior heel counter cups the foot for cushioning and a locked-down fit.

Molded, perforated sockliner provides lightweight cushioning.

Rotational zone in the forefoot provides agility for quick pivots and sudden changes in direction


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