Nike Menor X Futsal Ball – Orange/White

Part # SC3039 834 by Nike

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Nike Menor X Futsal Soccer Ball - Orange & White

Peace, be still. Take a deep breath before your game. You'll need it, trust us on this. When you play futsal, you'd better be ready to run all game long. Deep breaths are a rarity because of how fast paced the games are. This is why practice is the most important thing a futsal player can do, you need to weld you body to be ready to play the game. This means you need the gear, shoes, Futsal Balls, etc. This orange and white Nike Menor Football provides exceptional touch and control for the small-sided game. It features a high-contrast graphic pattern for an immediate, true read on flight trajectory and spin. Buy this ball and get your game elevated today.

Futsal size is smaller and heavier than traditional balls.

Textured casing enhances touch and feel.

Low-bounce bladder provides superior air retention.

Traditional 32-panel design for true and accurate ball flight.



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