Nike Mercurial Flylite Superlock Shin Guards – NOCSAE

Part # CK2155 486 by Nike

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Nike Mercurial FlyLite Superlock Soccer Shin Guards

There are many hurdles to achieving greatness and on the soccer field one of the first hurdles is getting your shins protected. The weight of getting crushed on the field over and over again can really make a player feel tired of the game. In pops, the Nike Mercurial Flylite Superlock Shinguards, these are a superpower for you. They keep you safe, they are durable, they get you through your games.

Our fascination with Shinguards is well documented, just check our files. When we say these guards rock, we mean it. These offer lightweight cushioning that locks you in place. The Nike Mercurial FlyLite Superlock Shin Guards use hollow channels and webbing to replace traditional foam to help cushion against impact. The lightweight design has SuperLock technology that locks into sock fibers to help keep guards from sliding.

It could be decades before we see guards as great as these again. Get them right now from SoccerPro!

SuperLock technology locks into sock fibers to help keep guards from sliding.
Lightweight shells use webbing to help cushion impact while maintaining breathability.
Flexible shell molds to your leg for a natural fit.
Materials: 43% polyamide/29% TPE/28% polyurethane


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