Nike Mercurial Flylite Superlock Shin Guards – NOCSAE

Part # SP2160 060 by Nike

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Nike Mercurial Flylite Anthracite

Most times, you're going to go thru a game without ever worrying about your Soccer Shinguards but there are those few times when you really need them to be your angels. There are times when your shin guards are the only thing keeping you able to show up and play the next game, the thing protecting your shins from being shattered and that's why you need shinguards, and not just any old shinguard but the very best.

The very best means Nike Mercurial Flylite Superlock Guards, guards that allow you fly securely. Light and thin, the Nike Mercurial FlyLite SuperLock Shin Guards use geometric columns and webbing to replace traditional foam. Flexible shells are thicker in the middle, while tapering at the edges, creating a fit that seems to disappear as shells curve around. SuperLock layers spikes into sock fibers to keep guards from sliding in the heat of the match. Buy these guards here now!

Foam-free columns enhance breathability and disperse impact.

SuperLock layers sock fibers into guard shells for security.

Tapering at shell edges creates a sensation of disappearing into the leg.

Flexible shells mold to the curvature of your legs for a natural silhouette.



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