Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards – White/Black

Part # SP2120 101 by Nike

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Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards - White/Black

It takes a brave person to wear soccer shin guards that are not made by Nike. The Swoosh giants make the best guards in the world and it's no contest. Everyone else tries to make their guards like Nike's. In fact the Mercurial Lite is the most copied product in the world *according to our reliable sources in the squirrel world.

The Nike Mercurial Lite Football Shin Guards blend ultra-thin coverage with superior cushioning and impact diffusion in a design that can withstand the demands of the elite-level game. These guards are unmatchable. Stay safe with them, get yours today!

Flexible shell wraps around your shin for a natural fit.

Durable shell is bonded to dense foam for impact diffusion.

Stretchy sleeve provides a soft, snug fit.


21% EVA


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