Nike Mercurial Lite Shinguards – Neymar – Black/Electric Green

Part # SP2104 010 by Nike

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Nike Mercurial Lite Shinguard - Neymar

Nike Mercurial Lite Soccer Shinguard
Nike has a done a great job of adapting to the soccer culture over the years. Neymar is definitely one of the most popular and exciting players in the game right now and Nike is using his influence to design some pretty incredible products. The Nike Neymar Mercurial Lite Shinguards are some of the coolest shinguards on the market!

These guards are loaded with the latest and greatest technology that Nike has. The durability that these guards provide is remarkable and they will truly stand the test of time. The black and electric green coloring looks awesome together. The guard lock stretch sleeves will help keep you protected by keeping these guards securely in place. So don't wait any longer! Order your pair today!

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Slip-in shin guards

Durable, low-profile shells provide protection without distraction

Textured EVA foam backing for greater breathability and impact absorption plus added comfort against the skin

Clear design provides a detailed view of protective shell

Anatomical left and right design built to fit the contour of the leg for enhanced comfort

Guard lock stretch sleeves hold the guards securely in place

NOCSAE® certified

Includes mesh storage bag for safekeeping and easy carrying

Materials: 69% K resin, 31% EVA


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